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Rejuventated Visions in Terror

Francis queued in line, in a packed, busy subway. She waited paitently. Her headphones on, she tapped her claws gently to uptempo tunes. In her peripheral vision, she glimpsed at the expressions of some of the hominids and monsters. In rows masses of people lined up behind yellow floor tape. Most of them had bleached, apathtic expressions.

"Now Arriving, Adenia Park Way," announced the robot voice as the rail, aged with petina, sped into the tunnels with a roar. It slowed with creaks, and loud grinding. Doors opened, and people flooded out of the rail-car.

Robot voice echoed into the concrete tunnels, "Now boarding, to Vorunia- Athl Tetrahedron Drive". The queue shuffled ahead. Francis moved slightly ahead in line. She gazed at the subway region map. To themselves she thought, "If this is what the commute will be to Vorunia from work, I don't know if making this move will be worth it."

The smell of urine and rotting eggs wafted by Francis, "Gross...", she frowned and breathed out of her beak silently.

After long and painful moments, the next rail came, loudly, into the tunnel. "Now Arriving, Adenia Park Way". A hominid-baby started wailing. Francis thought, "This noise, and smell can't be healthy on the baby's psyche."

"Now boarding, to Vorunia- Athl Tetrahedron Drive"

The doors opened, and people flooded out- the queue shuffled ahead, and Francis squeezed into the packed rail-car. She stood by the door, just inside the yellow line. She fumbled with her harddrive, with a headphone jack; and turned up the music.

She quietly panicked.

The light rail noisily raced through the rotting, plagued, urbanscape. Concrete, grimey towers rose and scratched the sky. Large, iron-bones of super-structure-taurs dotted the shoreline of the phosphorescent bay. Colorful, rotting, old houses; overshadowed by the iron-bones and concrete towers, passed by like smeared paint. The large, red suns dimly lit the grime.

"Now arriving in Vorunia- Metropolian Avenue", the robot voice announced as the rail-car came up to the raised station platform. Francis stepped off of the rail-car, and turned down her music. The air was cool and damp. She followed the flow of the crowd, heading for the escalators. On the ground floor, a monster nearby the escalator's sold paper pamphlets for a credit. Francis reached into their pocket, and swiftly tossed a credit into the person's bowl. The crowd pushed Francis through the ticket reader, before she could grab a pamphlet.

She broke off from the crowd, sprinted around the corner under a concrete overpass, giving herself some air. She breathed.

Francis looked at a mural across the street. It was colorful, but aging. It illustrated the combined cultures of the runeian hominids, and ombian monsters. She could sense people further down looking at her. Out of the corner of her eye she observed a few houseless people sitting on the pavement, people watching. She breathed, sighed, and relaxed.

She turned around and walked past the houseless people. Two hominids, and a monster watched. She did not speak. She did not smile. She looked straight ahead and walked.

At an intersection; a street performer stood and recited poetry to the people coming to and from home. Francis watched as two people in suits approached the performer. She couldn't hear what they said. So, she watched.

One of the two suits opened their mouths to speak. The performer spoke louder, cutting off the suit, "These are newly built, chain linked fences!" the performer gestured to a concrete tower, and the chain-linked fence surrounding it, "It's blocking the neo-fedual housing, and upper runeian class; from the general 'plebian' on the street. The 'plebian' locals, who, have been here! Who had houses here!"

"These plebians had homes, until the housing bubble collasped. A failure of the economic structure, worsened by a Leader who rewarded the banks for popping said bubble. The neo-fedual state funnels you all into hives of glass and concrete!"

The performer continued while groups of people walked by, and unit-cars zoomed. Francis couldn't hear what they said next; she grew dizzy. The two suits stopped trying to get the performer's attention, and listened. When the performer finished speaking, the two suits clapped.

Francis vomited.