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Crow and the Western Sun

Crow lie baked inside her Caravan

Under the Western Sun, blue sky

Music Crow played softly

And sweat on her back glistening.

Pissed at nothing ((Weeping)), Crow closed her heart

But the Western Sun

And the Music she played

Wouldn’t let her heart close

Hallucinating in the Caravan

Crow cried out,

“I love you,

Where did you go?”

The Western Sun glared

And booming responded,

Jolting Crow,

“I am here”

She sat upright,

And looked out

Of the Caravan

Up to the glaring Western Sun

She cried,

To the Sun she assumed listening,

“Where did you go?

I am lost.”

The Sun beat down

Heat, over-powering

The small Caravan

Crow heard the Sun, quieter

“You are found,

I am here,”

And Crow cried,

And cried.

Hours passed,

Music looped in the background

Crow fell asleep

And didn’t dream.

The Sun, when Crow woke

Was falling low

Cooler was the day

And the breeze gently shook the trees

Dripping in sweat,

Crow sat up

And opened a flap

Letting in the cool relief

The Sun spoke again,

Hushed tone,

“You are not lost;

I am here.”

Crow swung her legs

Outside of the open flap

Looked up at the cooling Sun

Eyes tearing again

She asked,

“Is everything lost?

All the Art done for nothing

I will die.”

The Sun,

“There isn’t a need

To be overly dramatic,

You are loved.”

And life,

Will continue

With you

Or without you.”

In Crow’s slumber

Storm clouds had gathered

Rolling in the sky

Grey they hung

Noticing the clouds

She wept


“Don’t leave!”

The Sun shone

A little brighter in response

“My light is in you

I never leave”

Crow did not listen

And continued weeping

Body drenched in sweat

Face stained with tears

The Sun comforted,

“When you left,

When you flew away

To the West

Did you die?

When you left

The stability of your home

Leaving abuse behind

To the East

Did you die?

When your first

Shot alone in the West

And you were left

Stranded in the midnight Moon

Did you die?

And when

The only companion

You felt you had—

When Mouse left

Did you die?”

The storm clouds

Started to cover

The Sun

And Crow answered


Crow perceived the Sun

To sigh, and jolly

He seemed

And whispered

“You are found

I am here,

I am the light of life

And the light is you,

So wipe

Your fucking tears


And fly away”

The sky opened

And the baptism of blessed rain fell.